Introduction to Battleships At Dawn!

In this naval strategy game, you compete for map domination against an Enemy AI.
You are in command of a naval task force and your goal is to expand your influence over the coastal territories of the map.
In order to advance in this game, you will need to secure strategic locations to gain resources and use these ressources to expand the size and armament of your fleets.

Combat phases are played on a 10x10 board. Each engaged ship can fire once per turn. You can use special 'bonus' shots during this phase, but their number is limited, and these special shots must be replenished between two fights.

When your fleet wins an engagement, it gains a variable amount of experience points. You can use these points to upgrade your fleet.
Defeated fleets are lost forever, along with their cargo.

Each ship in a fleet is paired with a commander that unlock random special perks when he gains a level.


There are three factions in Battleships at Dawn !: While you and the Enemy clearly compete for map domination, the role of the neutral faction is mostly defensive.

Neutral units can react to agression by turning hostile. But this is limited to the direct vicinity of the agression, as the neutral faction doesn't function as a large, cohesive group.


There are only two types of units in the game :

Fleets are created by adding ships, and their composition will greatly influence their purpose and use: mixing submarines and destroyers will yeld a rather furtive and fast fleet, but lacking any serious firepower. This will give a nice light exploration fleet, and won't cost to much to build.

On the contrary, a fleet containing carriers and battleships will hardly be undetected, but will deal a lot more punishment. The later is tipicaly a main defence fleet.

By mixing the 5 types of ships, you can create as much flavours of fleets as you want.